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Black Water - Murray River Supplied Rural Pipelines

Last updated: 2pm, 2 November 2016

Northern Mallee Pipeline, Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Supply System 5

Emergency,Unplanned interruption,Blue green algae warning

Starting: 9am, 7 November 2016
Finishing: 9pm, 27 November 2016

As a result of flooding in September and October 2016 large amounts of organic matter, such as leaves and wood, have been moved from swamps, forest and wetlands situated along waterways. Return flows from these areas are bringing dissolving organic matter into the Murray River, changing the water to a dark tea colour (“black water”). It is unknown how long the water supplied from the Murray River will be affected but it is anticipated that the event may continue for up to four weeks. Customers are advised that they can continue to use their water for non-drinking purposes.

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