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With over 160 employees, GWMWater is one of the largest organisations in the region. As a service provider and resource manager we have a wide range of functions and responsibilities. A strong and efficient organisational structure is integral to our ongoing success.

GWMWater is currently headed by our Managing Director, Mark Williams. He is assisted by the board and the executive management team, both of which he is a part of.


Executive Management Team

Our experienced Executive Management Team brings a wealth of experience, diversity and innovation to GWMWater.

The Executive Team ensures the smooth day-to-day operation of GWMWater, as well as implementing strategic direction as determined by the board. They're responsible for managing key business areas such as stakeholder management, finances, service delivery and infrastructure. Leading our dedicated and expert staff, the Executive Team ensures that GWMWater maintains its reputation as an outstanding water corporation.

Meet our Executive Management Team


The Board

The GWMWater Board is diverse and multi-faceted, with men and women from all different working and educational backgrounds. Our Board is skills-based and appointed by the Minister. It represents the varied interests of the Grampians Wimmera Mallee region.

The Board is responsible for GWMWater's management in a number of areas. The Board's central purpose is to set the broad strategy and objectives of GWMWater. In doing this, the Board also has responsibility for risk management, organisational efficiencies and compliance, reporting and reviewing.

There are also four standing committees of the Board:

  • Environment and Works Committee
  • Audit Governance and Risk Committee
  • Water Resources Committee
  • Remuneration Committee

Meet the Board


About us

GWMWater is a government-owned statutory corporation established in 2004 with a responsibility to provide, manage, operate and protect water supply and sewerage systems for our community.

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