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Developer works refers to infrastructure that will be transferred (gifted) to GWMWater for ongoing ownership and maintenance.

Common examples are pipeline extensions (see Extending our network page for more information) or alterations to our assets, new water and sewer reticulation for subdivisions, new hydrants, valves, or manholes, or lowering or relocating our assets.

All works need to be designed and constructed to GWMWater’s standards and requirements. The standards adopted by GWMWater are the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) standards (available from WSAA) and GWMWater’s addenda to these standards, the GWMWater design and construction standards manual.

If you are planning work near our assets, you have obligations when building or moving construction plant. See Working and building near our assets for more information.

Fees and charges

GWMWater costs associated with developer works include:

  • GWMWater's Plan Checking Fee - 0.75% of the estimated cost of works. This is invoiced to the applicant after the developer works application is submitted.
  • GWMWater's Review and Inspection Fee - This equates to 2.5% of the cost of the 'as constructed works' for the developer works.
  • Defects Security - This is also payable in the form of a security deposit and is a percentage of the actual cost of the developer works and is the larger of:
    • 5%; or
    • $2,000 (if 5% is less than $2,000); or
    • Another percentage advised by GWMWater.
  • New Customer Contributions (also known as Developer Charges) - These may apply and are a one-off upfront payment by the developer to recover incremental costs remote from the development such as conveying and treating greater quantities of water to and sewer from the development. The Essential Services Commission is Victoria's water industry regulator. The Essential Services Commission approves standard rates for New Customer Contributions. The Essential Services Commission's website has information on pricing determination for New Customer Contributions.
  • Growth Water - Growth water costs may apply. More information is available on request.

Costs associated with the Connections Process are separate to and come after the Developer Works Process. Refer to GWMWater for costs associated with connecting services. 

Developer works process

The following steps outline the standard Developer Works Agreement Process.

There may be some variability with the standard steps depending on the development.

GWMWater will work with the developer to outline the anticipated process and requirements if different from the standard.

Engage with GWMWater and Council early to understand infrastructure and planning requirements, and the costs involved.

The Developer Works Process is fully funded by the developer. To get an understanding of costs involved with your extension project please see 'Fees and charges' above for more information.

Requirements for water and sewer infrastructure are defined in the Water Services Association Australia Codes available from Water Services Association Australia, and in the GWMWater addenda to the Water Services Association Australia Codes, the Design & Construction Standards Manual. Further requirements for provision of infrastructure access rights are in accordance with the Land Tenure for Assets Policy. Contact GWMWater for more information.

The developer may engage a consultant to produce the design at their own cost.

The location and depth of assets shown on plans provided by GWMWater are indicative only. GWMWater strongly recommend undertaking asset location investigation on site prior to any design and construction work.

Please note the design and construction of mains on private property are subject to the consent of the landowner(s) affected. Written landowner(s) consent must be obtained prior to GWMWater’s approval of a design plan.

Where reticulation infrastructure, installed by the developer, fronts properties outside the development that could benefit from the works, the owners of those properties will not be under an obligation to contribute to the cost of the works but shall be entitled to apply to GWMWater to connect to the works in due course. The developer is encouraged to negotiate with intervening landowners to seek their cooperation in contributing to the cost of the works.

Any nominated contractor who will be responsible for the delivery of all works to be handed over to GWMWater, must hold a current prequalification with GWMWater. Click here for more information.

All works considered Developer Works will require an Application for developer works form to be completed.

This form must be filled in by the developer responsible for signing the Developer Works Agreement and paying all applicable costs.

The developer must produce a design to accompany the application form that complies with GWMWater requirements. Both the application and design plans can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A Plan Checking Fee (0.75% of the estimated cost of the gifted works as per filled in application form) will be invoiced out upon submission of the design documents. Upon receipt of the fees, GWMWater will check the designs. Defective designs will require correction and resubmission by the developer. GWMWater may identify additional works required to facilitate network growth; these additional works are referred to as Reimbursement Works since the cost of their construction is recoverable from GWMWater. For accepted designs, GWMWater will send the developer a letter of in principal acceptance and request the plans be marked ‘for construction’.

The developer must then provide GWMWater with construction issue plans. The construction issue plans are required to progress to the next step, Step 3: Entering into a Developer Agreement with GWMWater.

Based on the developer’s design plans for extension of mains, GWMWater will determine if a Developer Agreement or a Minor Works Developer Agreement is required to be entered into by the developer to progress.

A Minor Works Developer Agreement is designed to reduce complexity and requirements for simpler developments and can be applied where works involve:

  • No mechanical and electrical assets (including PRVs) (excluding pressure sewer units); and
  • Less than three (3) pressure sewer units (regardless of if these units are to be installed by the developer or at a later date by an owner); and
  • Where the sum of valves, hydrants, elbows, junctions, bends, changes in diameter, and changes in material is less than 10; and
  • Sewer junctions, manholes, maintenance shafts, bends, changes in diameter and changes in materials is less than 10; and
  • Excavations are shallower than 1.5m.

The Developer Agreement will outline GWMWater requirements and expectations of the developer, along with the applicable GWMWater costs associated with the project and any applicable Reimbursement Works.

GWMWater will send the Developer Agreement to the developer for signing.

Once a signed Developer Agreement is received, GWMWater will counter-sign the applicable Developer Agreement and return a copy to the developer along with a letter confirming design acceptance.

Once design acceptance has been obtained, the developer must provide GWMWater with a Notice of Intention to Commence Works, with a minimum of five (5) business days’ notice.

The notice must nominate the contractor appointed for the works. The nominated contractor must hold current prequalification with GWMWater.

No works constructing assets to be transferred to GWMWater, nor works on existing GWMWater assets, are to be carried out prior to written consent by GWMWater.

During construction, GWMWater will conduct quality control and safety audits according to the nature and scale of the works.

The developer must comply with all GWMWater requests for work inspections.

If defects are identified during construction these will be raised with the contractor and developer in the first instance. For defects not resolved, GWMWater will advise the developer of requirements for asset acceptance under the Developer Agreement.

Changes to design will not be accepted without written approval by GWMWater. Any changes to the design, including where construction out of tolerance, will require a revised plan to be signed-off by the developer’s design engineer, and revised plans must be submitted to GWMWater for approval.

The developer must ensure the works are completed to GWMWater standards and must provide as-constructed documentation certified by a licensed land surveyor and the construction contractor, to GWMWater once works are completed.

GWMWater will then advise the developer one of the following:

a) Requirements have not been met. In this case the GWMWater advises the developer of requirements for a further submission for assessment; or

b) Express intent to accept assets and as-constructed documentation.

Before Preliminary Acceptance is granted by GWMWater, the developer must pay the following costs as per Developer Agreement.

  • GWMWater Review and Inspection Fee
  • Defects Security Fee (can be in the form of a security deposit)
  • Any other outstanding fee as determined and invoiced by GWMWater.

The GWMWater Review and Inspection Fee and Defects Security Fee will be determined by the as-constructed costs of the works. GWMWater will request the cost break down from the developer to enable the appropriate Review and Inspection Fee and Defects Security to be invoiced out.

Any applicable New Customer Contributions will be invoiced out at this stage.

Once costs have been paid and secured, GWMWater will issue out a letter of Preliminary Asset Acceptance to the developer, marking the start of the Defects Liability Period.

Where applicable, any service connection requirements off the constructed Developer Works (such as a water mains extension), can be applied for once preliminary acceptance has been granted by GWMWater.

Please see Connecting services for additional information and associated costs. 

During the nominated Defects Liability Period (as per Developer Agreement) the developer must, at its cost, undertake any necessary Remedial Action in respect of the Developer Works or Private Works or to other property damaged due to the development or the Developer Works, including in response to a Defects Notice.

Provided that there are no outstanding defects or accounts owing by the developer, GWMWater will issue Final Acceptance and, where applicable, the release of any remaining Defects Security.

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