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Depending where you’re located in our region, you may be eligible to apply to harvest and use surface rainfall runoff, including from streams, rivers, creeks and catchment dams.

Surface water is a precious resource and it’s important that it’s managed carefully to protect existing users and the environment.

At GWMWater, we're responsible for:

  • issuing surface water ‘take and use’ licences
  • supporting key environmental management strategies
  • regulating surface water licence allocations according to seasonal conditions.

To harvest and use surface water including from rivers, creeks and catchment dams you must have a surface water ‘take and use’ licence.


How to apply

To get a ‘take and use’ licence you can either:

1. Apply for a new licence

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Application for a New or Amended Licence to Use Surface Water and to Operate Works TU1


2. Apply to renew your existing licence

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Application for Renewal of a Licence to Take and Use Surface Water and Operate Works SWR1


3. Transfer an existing licence from another landholder

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Permanent or temporary transfer of water for a take and use licence TU3

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Transfer of licence ownership on the sale of land TOL1


If you no longer need your ‘take and use’ licence, you can surrender it:
Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Surrender a licence to take and use water and operate works TU4


Use surface water legally

In the interests of the environment, the community and fairness, it's important for people to follow the rules regarding taking and using surface water.

Many people taking and using surace water illegally may not realise they're doing so. It's essential that you, as a surface water user, understand your rights and obligations concerning our water resources.


Tariffs and charges

Water costs vary depending on a number of factors and can change from year to year.



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