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We strive to provide our customers with access to safe, functioning and convenient water and sewer services at all times. However, sometimes you may have difficulties with your water services or notice a water leak. In these situations, we have a 24-hour customer service line for whenever you need help.

Call 1800 188 586 at any time for expert assistance from our customer service team regarding difficulties or faults.


How to report a fault

Our customer service team is here to help you. The more information you provide us about the issue, the easier it is for us to help you.

Remember, we're not responsible for plumbing on your private property - for that, you need to call a plumber.

1. Identify your problem

To best assist us in helping you, try and identify your service fault from the list below:

  • Is your inspection point clear?
  • Do you know if this has happened before at this property?

We'll take care of any blockages, odours or sewer overflows from the sewer main and connection point. If your inspection point is clear, generally this means the block is coming from your private plumbing and you'll need to contact your plumber.

Water pressure and your stop tap

Your stop tap is located on your water meter and controls the flow of water to your property. If you have a water pressure problem at your property, check your stop tap. If your stop tap will not turn off, is broken or leaking, we will repair it for you.

  • What's the water pressure like in the tap closest to your meter?
  • Is your stop tap turned on?
  • Are you getting any water at all? Even a small trickle can tell us a lot about your issue.

If your stop tap or water meter is vandalised or damaged, please get in touch with us and we'll let you know about next steps.

Water quality

Drinkable water

  • Is the issue with the smell or taste?
  • What colour is your water? If it's milky white, it's just air from the pipes making it that colour. Let it stand for a few minutes and it will go back to normal.

Untreated water

  • If your water has a strange odour give us a call as we might need to arrange an inspection.
  • How long has the issue existed for?
  • Is the leak large (bubbling or gushing) or small (seeping)?


2. Provide as much detail as possible

Location - try to be as accurate as possible
  • Where is the fault? What's the address?
  • Is the fault on the road, nature strip or pipeline?
  • If you're in a rural area, what's the closest town?
  • Can you provide any other details to help us identify the location, such as nearest crossroad or visible landmark?


Timing and duration
  • How long has the problem existed for?
  • When did you first notice it?
  • Does it happen at certain times?
Surrounding area

Have your neighbours been experiencing similar issues?


3. Give us a call

If you can provide us with details about your service difficulty or fault we are much better equipped to help you out! However, we know it's not always possible to make a thorough inspection, so just tell us what you can and let us help you.

Call 1800 188 586 at any time for expert assistance from our customer service team regarding difficulties or faults.


Guaranteed Service Levels and service standards

We're committed to providing high-quality standards that consistently meet our customer and regulatory requirements. We aim to meet the standards set by the Essential Services Commission for service fault and difficulty response times.


A Guaranteed Service Level (GSL) provides customers with a rebate on their water bill when our service doesn't meet accepted performance standards. GSLs were approved as part of our Corporate Plan 2023 to 2032 for urban customers.

Water service fault
Unplanned water supply interruptions not restored within five hours of notification $50
Planned water supply interruption longer than notification $50
More than five (5) unplanned water interruptions in a year $80
Notification to customer advising drinking water is not suitable for drinking $100
Restricting the water supply of, or taking legal action against, a residential customer prior to taking reasonable endeavours to contact the customer and provide information about help that is available if the customer is experiencing difficulties paying. $300


Sewer service fault
Sewer interruption not restored within five (5) hours of notification $50
More than three (3) sewer blockages in a year $80
Sewer spill within a house caused by failure of system not contained within one (1) hour $1000



We will inform affected customers of the time and duration of any planned interruption to a water supply service that will exceed the 72 hour on-farm storage requirement, at least two (2) business days in advance.

In rural areas we have service standards to ensure minimal interference and hardship for our customers:

  • will limit rural pipeline supply interruptions of more than three (3) days.
  • where a rural pipeline supply interruption exceeds three (3) days, we will cart non-potable water to the
    homestead at no cost to the customer. Water carting required within the first 72 hours of the interruption or
    for stock or other purposes is the responsibility of the customer at their cost.
  • communicate with customers in a clear, confidential and sensitive manner, taking all steps to support and assist customers.
  • where we deliver water directly to a customer, and the purpose of water use is known by us, we will endeavour to inform customers of material changes in the water quality supplied.
  • maintain a supply during major water quality incidents, unless unsafe to do so, and notify customers directly by SMS (where contact details are available), on our website and social media pages, or through local
  • take all steps to support and assist customers ensuring that any restrictions on water supply and legal action is a last resort.
  • we will implement our quality improvement programs to maintain systems in accordance with approved service standards, subject to Water Legislation.

In addition to the general system obligations, we will maintain the property service pipe up to:

  • the meter assembly.
  • if no meter is installed; the property boundary.


For more information, check our customer service charters:

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Customer Charter - Urban Summary 

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Customer Charter - Rural Summary 





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