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GWMWater has introduced a new process which requires all developers to enter into a Developer Agreement prior to starting works.

The agreements will apply to all new developments that require new infrastructure moving forward, with different requirements for minor and major works.

This process is in line with industry practice and formalises the requirement for developers to deliver works to GWMWater standards. The terms of the agreement include some new requirements relating to pre-qualification of construction contractors and provision of defects security.

An agreement provides clarity to both parties and will avoid situations where the costs of rectifying defects falls on GWMWater and its customers.

We encourage you to contact us and prepare your paperwork early to avoid delays.


New Developer Works Agreement FAQs

In the past, developer works have been completed by their appointed contractors without a formal agreement and defects security with GWMWater. As a result, after the infrastructure is constructed and handed over to GWMWater, the cost of managing any defects falls on the corporation and its customers. This new agreement is consistent with industry practice and aims to avoid this situation in future.

The new process applies to all new developments that require new infrastructure from hereforth. It does not affect any works already underway.

Each agreement will be tailored based on the works, with simpler requirements for Minor Works, but generally the new agreements specify:

> All contractors completing Developer Works must be pre-qualified with GWMWater through our online contractor management system, Pegasus. Prequalification ensures all contractors:

  • have the right licences, qualifications and insurances
  • are inducted to work safely.

> Defects security must be paid prior to handover of the assets to GWMWater and will be returned at the end of the defects liability period, typically two years. Any costs incurred in rectifying defects will be deducted from this security.

Developer Works are considered Minor if they meet the following criteria:

> No mechanical and electrical assets (including Pressure Reduction Valves but excluding pressure sewer units); and

> Fewer than three pressure sewer units; and

> Where the sum of valves, hydrants, elbows, junctions, bends, changes in diameter, and changes in material is less than 10.

If your works are considered Minor, the agreement will be simpler and have fewer requirements.

You can visit for more information or call our Development Services team on 1300 659 961 during business hours.

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