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Who we are

Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water is a government-owned statutory corporation established in 2004 with a responsibility to provide, manage, operate and protect water supply and sewerage systems for our community.

We're involved in every stage of the water process. From when it falls from the sky to when it comes out of the tap. We know a lot about water, wastewater and water management - that's why we're so confident in our ability to provide the best services for the Grampians, Wimmera and Mallee regions.

As locals, we're personally and professionally committed to the quality of our services. We're proud of our local community and our role in providing its water. We understand our region and the importance of water for a diverse, sustainable and healthy community. We value local input, and have a strong relationship with communities through our customer and stakeholder forums and working groups.


What we do

We're a vertically integrated water business directly involved in all aspects of the water cycle. We provide water services for homes, businesses, industry, farms, and environmental purposes as well as for recreational and sporting use and community benefit.

We provide water and wastewater services for approximately 72,000 people across the region. They live in rural areas (approximately 11,000 properties) or one of 71 urban towns (over 32,000 properties).

Our key services fall within the following areas:


Urban water supply

We provide our urban towns with a secure water supply, with 32 of these towns receiving drinking water meeting the Safe Drinking Water Act 2003 standards. Of the towns that have an untreated water supply, we're always looking to improve their water quality through our capital works program. We keep the community well-informed about their water supply security and quality to ensure public health.



We also offer wastewater services, mainly to our larger towns, which involve extensive recycling for watering sporting fields, parks and gardens, vineyards and agriculture.


Rural water supply

We provide domestic and stock water services to 11,000 rural customers. A bulk water supply is also available to our rural customers, typically for intensive agricultural activities such as poultry farms, piggeries and commercial feedlots. We also have responsibility for water resource management, which includes groundwater, river diversions, and the support of key regional catchment and environmental management strategies.


Recycled water

Recycled water is treated wastewater that's available for reuse from various wastewater treatment plants. We're committed to recycling treated wastewater for beneficial reuse and see this product as an important resource, especially in terms of our commitment to environmental and financial sustainability.


Headworks management

We manage eight bulk water supply reservoirs (known as 'headworks') which are an integral part of our water supply strategy. These reservoirs are an important part of the community and in some cases serve as recreational areas for activities such as camping, water skiing, swimming and boating.


Mission, vision and values

Our mission, vision and values are an essential part of our culture at GWMWater. We incorporate these into every action we take - whether it's providing assistance over the phone, fixing a service fault, or encouraging regional growth for our local communities.

Our mission, vision and values


Where we are

We have one of the largest geographic footprints of all the Victorian water businesses. We service a very large area of over 60,000 square kilometres, which is roughly the size of Tasmania! Our coverage extends over 13 municipalities, either in part or in full.


Find out more about us...

Annual Reports

Each year we produce a series of reports about our performance and highlights for the 12 months.


Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Strategic Directions

Our Strategic Directions have six key themes that contribute to the achievement of our vision of 'Healthy environment, thriving community’.


Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Service Area Map

GWMWater has one of the largest geographic footprints of all the Victorian water businesses.


Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

GWMWater is committed to workplace diversity and inclusion and this strategy demonstrates how we will achieve our objectives and measure those achievements.


Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Customer Guaranteed Service Levels

We provide guaranteed service levels as part of our commitment to deliver value to our customers.


Our Customer Charter . . .

We're committed to serving our customers and have developed a charter to reflect our ongoing commitment to the community:

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Urban Customer Charter 

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Urban Customer Charter Summary 

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Rural Customer Charter

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Customer Charter - Rural Summary


BSI Certification

GWMWater is proud to be nationally certified by the British Standards Institute (BSI).

ISO 9001 14001 45001 En GB 0321 with Certificate Numbers

We're proud to be certified by standards that apply to some of the largest and most successful organisations in the world. This certification means the processes and procedures that make up our Corporate Management System have been reviewed and satisfied rigorous assessment by BSI.


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