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If you pay the water bill for a property (i.e. you're the account holder) and any of your details change, please let us know. Remember, it's your responsibility to keep us informed!


Change in postal address

If the address you want your water bill mailed to changes, let us know by phone, email or in person at our Horsham office.


Change of tenancy in a rental property

To let us know about a change in tenancy, please complete our online change of address form.

Is the landlord or the tenant responsible for informing GWMWater of a change in occupant?

Under the Water Act, it's the landlord's responsibility to inform us if there's a change in the occupancy of the property.

Find out more about the responsibilities of tenants and landlords.


Change in ownership of a property

If you've bought or sold a property, your solicitor/conveyancer should notify us of this change once the settlement has gone through. Please contact your solicitor/conveyancer to make sure the relevant legal notification has been forwarded to us.


Change of Direct Debit details

If you'd like to change your current Direct Debit details or cancel your payments, call us. We need at least five working days to process the change.


Change of name

If your name has changed, please provide us with an official document such as a copy of your marriage certificate, driver’s licence or passport.

You can do this in person at our Horsham office, or provide a copy by post, fax or email.


Need to disconnect from your water or sewerage service?

If you need to disconnect from your water or sewerage service, please call us on 1300 659 961.




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