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As part of our ongoing commitment to provide drinking (potable) water to townships across our region, we are pleased to announce that Moyston will receive a fully treated drinking water supply by the end of 2023.

Information Sheet - Drinking Water Supply - Moyston (PDF)


We are pleased to advise all urban customers in Ultima will be upgraded to a drinking water supply on completion of an Ultima Drinking Water Quality Upgrade Project, with construction planned to start in 2021.  

Information Sheet - Drinking Water Supply - Ultima (PDF)


Kaniva is the largest town in Victoria which does not have a drinking water supply. Upgrading the town’s supply is an investment in the town now and for generations to come and is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. 

Information Sheet - Drinking Water Supply - Kaniva (PDF)


 Customers in Elmhurst will receive an upgrade to their water quality with drinking water arriving in the town by 2023. The water supply will be treated in line with Australian Drinking Water Guidlines and will be sourced from Hickman's Creek.

Information Sheet - Drinking Water Supply - Elmhurst (PDF)


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