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Lake Fyans is set to receive an upgrade over the summer months with works on the embankment and marina being undertaken.

The Storage Manager started moving water from Lake Fyans to Taylors Lake in mid-September, in order for GWMWater to complete the project. We do not expect water levels at the reservoir to be below those needed for recreational activities over summer.

In the early stages of the works we will desilt and deepen the marina, which will allow larger boats to continue to use it, even when water levels are lower.

The Lake Fyans Embankment Upgrade Project is an investment in water supply infrastructure as well as an integral recreational lake for community, tourists and local sporting clubs. 

Information Sheet - Lake Fyans Embankment Upgrade Project (PDF)


Frequently asked questions

Approximately 1,200 ML will be transferred to Taylors Lake with releases of around 50 ML/day. This will reduce the water level by approximately 30 centimetres. As per normal seasonal conditions, the lake will naturally reduce by up to 70 centimetres. Recreation activities will be able to continue as usual over the summer months.

The water transfer is occurring in September to make the most of cooler daytime temperatures and a wet catchment to reduce any losses in water associated with the transfer.

Water transfers started in mid-September. Construction is scheduled to run from January to April 2022.

Water levels at Lake Fyans are generally lower over summer and would be naturally close to the level it needs to be to do the embankment works. Earth works require the bank to be dry, so the work is to be carried out over summer when there is less rainfall forecast.

The boat ramp will be unavailable for a very short period of less than a week. The Lake Fyans Holiday Park public boat ramp will be available to use.


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