The township of Ultima will now enjoy a fully treated drinking water supply straight from the tap.

Supplying the town with drinking water means residents will no longer need to rely on their rainwater tanks or packaged water for drinking and food preparation.

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Our current edition of  Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Tapping In Edition 3 2023/24 features an update on our new Chair and Board members, our Clean Water Pilot Program, managing your rural water supply, plus much more.

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GWMWater will receive $85,000 to develop a community business model for local electricity supplies that will be piloted at Donald.

GWMWater placed Runner Up in the Water Minister’s Climate Innovation Challenge, a collaboration between the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA), Intelligent Water Networks (IWN) and the Minister for Water Harriet Shing to promote innovation in addressing the challenges of climate change within the Victorian water sector.

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Recreational water users are advised to avoid direct contact with water in Lake Toolondo following the detection of elevated blue-green algae levels.

Visitors can still enjoy recreational activities such as boating, bushwalking, sightseeing and other activities at the lake that do not involve direct water contact.

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GWMWater is pleased to advise that the blue-green algae warning for Taylors Lake has been lifted.

Recent testing indicates that the water in the lake is safe for recreational activities, including swimming, boating, fishing and other water sports.

GWMWater will continue to regularly monitor the water in Taylors Lake.

To keep up-to-date with blue-green algae alerts at GWMWater’s reservoirs and lakes, please visit

GWMWater is reviewing the method of delivery for the construction of the eastern Grampians pipeline.

Cape Dunstan were awarded the early works contract to deliver the design and undertake the work necessary to secure the alignment of the pipeline corridors and nominate sites for facility assets such as pump stations and storages.

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GWMWater is extending its sewerage network to service a new residential development area at Green Hill Lake, east of Ararat.

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GWMWater has introduced eNotices, an online billing platform which allows customers to receive and pay their bill online.

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Keep track of the rainfall across the year, all in one place, with this handy chart.

Charts are available for collection from our McLachlan Street office in Horsham. If you are unable to make it into our office to collect a chart, please call our friendly team on 1300 659 961 and they will be able to assist.

If you'd like to print your own copy, you can download the chart here - Rainfall Record 2024

GWMWater has awarded a tender to Envirotech Water Solutions to upgrade the pump station at Lake Fyans. This will be the first stage of construction of the East Grampians Rural Water Supply Project.

Lake Fyans will be the main water source for the East Grampians pipeline, with smaller volumes of water being sourced from Mt William headworks or gravity fed from Mt Cole.

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