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Apply to discharge trade waste or connect to a sewer main. Information about using biosolids.

Connect to a sewer main or scheme

Many properties in urban areas will have the option to join our sewer network. The primary requirement for a property is that it's fronted by one of our mains.


What not to put down the drain

Our water system needs your help to keep it healthy and working well! Unfortunately there are a whole lot of things going down our drains that shouldn't be.


About trade waste

Trade waste is generally considered to be the liquid waste discharged to a sewer from commercial and industrial processes.


Apply to discharge trade waste

GWMWater regulates trade waste because it can be harmful to our sewerage infrastructure.


'Take and use' biosolids

Biosolids are a product of treated sludge from a wastewater treatment plant and can be used as a soil conditioner or fertiliser for agricultural and horticultural use.







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