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Public access to our facilities is generally restricted. This is to ensure public safety, protect the quality of the water and minimise potential damage to our facilities. 'Our facilities' basically refers to anything that is GWMWater property, from our offices in Horsham through to our natural resources such as Lake Lonsdale. Facilities of ours include:

  • reservoirs and lakes
  • pump stations
  • treatment plants
  • work sites
  • depots, offices and buildings.

Don't trespass!

Anyone accessing GWMWater facilities without authorisation is trespassing! This means that unless you're visiting a public area or being accompanied by a GWMWater employee in the course of their duties, you're breaking the law.

You'll see signage similar to this one at all our facilities to advise the public and reasonably restrict access. However, we can't accept responsibility for any loss, injury or damage that happens to unauthorised people who are trespassing on our property.

Difficulty and Faults sign 400 x 600


Further information...

Recreational activities permitted at our lakes and reservoirs

Our reservoirs and lakes are open to the public for recreational activities.


Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Water (Rec Area) Regulations 2023

Regulations apply to entry at some of our public areas.



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