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Interruption to Water Supply - Horsham

Dimboola Road, Horsham

Last update:

Starting: 9 am, 8 December 2022
Finishing: 2 pm, 8 December 2022

Planned interruption

Reason: Maintenance Works

Bottled water is available on request. If needed, please call us on 1800 188 586 to arrange contactless delivery.

Prior to the interruption please store sufficient water for your day's needs.

During the water supply interruption do not use any taps or water using appliances.

Following the works it is often necessary for our staff to flush the water mains to restore water quality. Any loss of water will be kept to a minimum.

These maintenance works form part of our commitment to provide best service standards to our customers.

We apologise for any inconvenience that these maintenance works may cause.

For further information please contact our Customer Call Centre on 1300 659 961. For service difficulties or faults, please call us any time on 1800 188 586.

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Restricted Water Supply - Donald


Last update:

Starting: 9 am, 14 December 2022
Finishing: 5 pm, 14 December 2022

Minimise water usage

Reason: Maintenance Works

Due to water maintenance works being carried out, customers water supply may be affected during the works. 

We ask customers to minimise water usage where possible during these works to assist in reducing demand on the water supply system.

While every effort will be made to maintain supply during the above period, it may not be possible to maintain normal supply.

We apologise for any inconvenience you may experience during these maintenance works.

For further information please contact our Customer Call Centre on 1300 659 961.

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Blackwater Monitoring - Murray River

Murray River supplied towns and pipelines

Last update:

Black water alert

Reason: Blackwater in the Murray River

We are continuing to monitor water quality in the Wimmera Mallee and Northern Mallee Pipeline systems following heavy rainfall and excess water across Victoria.

Customers with an untreated water supply sourced from the Murray River may notice a change in colour and odour of your supply.

Continued wet weather has led to excess water along the Murray River reaching floodplains where floodwater can leach out organic matter from dead leaves, bark and grasses. This can give water a brown to black coloured appearance known as ‘blackwater’. 

Customers are reminded that your untreated water supply is not safe for drinking. Water can be used for household activities, such as watering gardens, flushing toilets, showering/bathing, irrigation and laundry.

GWMWater will provide further information to customers if the situation changes or if any actions need to be taken.

Further resources:

  • More information on blackwater can be found on the Water Quality Australia website by clicking here 
  • Farmers who have been impacted by floods and require assistance, or have urgent animal welfare needs, should contact the VicEmergency Hotline on 1800 226 226 or visit the Agriculture Victoria website here
  • Access the latest emergency warnings, news and information on the VicEmergency website by clicking here or by downloading the VicEmergency App to your mobile device.
  • Access the latest weather warnings current for Victoria on the Bureau of Meteorology website by clicking here.

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