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We place a high value on lakes and weir pools in our region because of the environmental benefits, the opportunities for local communities to enjoy recreational activities, and the visitors they attract to our region.

Our rural pipelines supply water to 12 recreational lakes and weir pools with 10 of them supplied from the Grampians reservoir system through the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline. This is made possible under a 3090 ML recreation water entitlement held by us specifically for this purpose.

We also supply water to Ouyen Lake and Green Lake (near Sea Lake) from our Murray River allocations. Water is delivered to Ouyen Lake through the Northern Mallee Pipeline, while Green Lake’s water is delivered through the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline.


Map of recreation lakes

View a map of where pipeline supplied recreation lakes and weir pools are located in our region.

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Recreation Lakes and Weir Pools


Latest volume levels

Basin Volume (ML) 
June 2020 Volume (ML) 
Foreshore Management
Waterway Manager (under Marine Safety Act 2010)
Beulah Weir Pool 140


Beulah Weir Pool Committee of Management Yarriambiack Shire Council
Brim Weir Pool 120 100 Brim Weir Pool Committee of Management Yarriambiack Shire Council
Donald Caravan Park Lake 50


Buloke Shire Council State boating rules apply
Green Lake, Sea Lake 480 390  Green Lake Committee of Management Buloke Shire Council
Lake Lascelles, Hopetoun 440 400 Lake Lascelles Committee of Management Lake Lascelles Committee of Management

Lake Marma, Murtoa

170 140 Public Park and Gardens Reserve Committee of Management Lake Marma Public Park and Gardens Reserve Committee of Management
Ouyen Lake 450 400 Ouyen Lake Committee

State boating rules apply
Refer to link re boating and camping

Tchum Lake, Birchip 730 620 Tchum Lake Aquatic Club Tchum Lake Aquatic Club
Walkers Lake, Avon Plains 900


Northern Grampians Shire Council  State boating rules apply 
Warracknabeal Weir Pool 210


Yarriambiack Shire Council Yarriambiack Shire Council
Watchem Lake 259 200 Watchem Lake Committee of Management State boating rules apply
Wooroonook Lake 700


Wooroonook Committee of Management Buloke Shire Council

 All figures are indicative only.


Recreation Contribution Charge

See how the Recreation Contribution Charge benefits the community and provides discounted water to eligible sporting clubs, service clubs, schools and nominated recreation lake and weirs across our region.


Further information...

Customer committees

The role of the Regional Recreation Water Users Group is to provide advice to the GWMWater Board on the development of policies for recreational water distribution and management.


Environmental wetlands

Our rural pipelines also supply water to 51 environmental wetlands in our region.


Recreational activities permitted at our reservoirs and lakes

To comply with the Victorian Government ‘Stay at Home’ period, GWMWater campsites, camping grounds, caravan parks and boat ramps are closed until further notice. All camp grounds and caravan parks at or adjacent to GWMWater Reservoirs are also closed.
Under Stage 3 Restrictions, there are only four reasons to leave your home: food and supplies, medical care and caregiving, exercise, and work or education.
For more information, visit:

View current water levels at our lakes and reservoirs.


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