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If you're planning to build, construct, renovate or start any other works on land that may be near GWMWater's assets, you need to locate those assets first.


What to do

Step 1: Call 'Dial Before You Dig' on 1100

No matter the size of your project (landscaping the front garden or developing a big block of your land) the first thing to do is call Dial Before You Dig, which is a free service for locating underground utilities anywhere in Australia. They'll advise you if there are any GWMWater assets near where you plan to dig (as well as other utilities such as telecommunications or gas).


Step 2: If you need more detailed information, use our interactive map or contact us

If Dial Before You Dig indicates there are GWMWater assets nearby, you may need more detailed information before you can start your works. You can either use our interactive map or get in touch with us.

Access interactive map


Getting assistance to locate GWMWater assets

GWMWater provides a location service, by appointment. Usually this will involve providing you with a plan indicating the approximate location of any assets in the area. Additionally, we're happy to provide onsite assistance and guidance for non-standard requests for a fee. (Refer to Adobe PDF file icon 24x242016/17 Schedule of Tariffs, Miscellaneous and Other Charges - 'non-core miscellaneous services'.)

Booking onsite assistance

You can apply for an onsite location service by calling us on 1300 659 961 during business hours. Make sure you get in touch at least two working days ahead of when you need our services.

For emergencies, contact our 24 hour customer service line on 1800 188 586.


Your responsibility

Maps provided are only a guide to asset locations. It's still your obligation to act with due care to GWMWater assets. Excavators/constructors need to carefully expose underground assets by 'potholing'. This means manual excavation/construction to ensure that the asset is safely found without damage.

GWMWater will hold whoever is responsible for the construction/excavation responsible for any damages.



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