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To ensure impartial relationships, GWMWater employees and Board members aren't allowed to accept offers of gifts and hospitality from suppliers, contractors or other parties.

The only exceptions are:

  • 'Token' gifts under a total value of $50 from the same source in one year, which are considered inconsequential.
  • Hospitality under $50 that's regarded as common courtesy and doesn't raise a conflict of interest, such as a working lunch or coffee.

Gift register

All offers of gifts (above exceptions excluded) will be published here, whether the gift was accepted or not.  Feel free to contact us if you'd like to obtain information from our Gift Register prior to 1 July 2016.

Gift Register since 1 July 2016

 Item No Date Gift Offered  Offeror  Description of Gift Offered  Cultural, Historic or
Other Significance
Estimated Value   Gift Accepted /
How Accepted Gift Was Used
29 01/08/2019 Aboriginal Co-Operative Artwork Yes $220 Accepted Displayed in GWM Corporate Office
30 26/08/2019 Institution Tablet No $300 Accepted Governance
31 05/09/2019 Company Event and Dinner No $150 Declined N/A
32 13/09/2019 Finance Company Dinner and Drinks No $80 Accepted N/A
33 24/09/2019 Digital Consultant Event and Drinks  No $50 Declined N/A
34 26/09/2019 Procurement Agency Awards Event No $100 Declined N/A
35 22/10/2019 Events Company Launch Event No $550 Declined N/A
36 24/10/2019 Company Drinks No $100 Accepted Donated to social club
37 20/11/2019 Tech Company Christmas Drinks No $30 Declined N/A
38 10/12/2019 Individual Christmas Hamper No $50 Accepted Donated to Christian Emergency Food Centre
39 17/12/2019 Print Supplier Christmas Hamper No $20 Accepted Donated to Christian Emergency Food Centre
40 10/02/2020 Individual Tech Device No $15 Accepted Passed on to IT
41 13/02/2020 Company Event No $60 Declined N/A
42 18/02/2020 Individual Book No $20 Accepted In HR library
43 05/03/2020 Landholder Wine No $35 Accepted N/A
44 14/04/2021 Individual Wine No $20 Declined N/A
45 19/04/2021 Company Light Lunch No $20 Accepted N/A
46 23/04/2021 Company Gift Voucher No $100 Declined N/A
47 11/03/2022 Company CEO Forum No $60 Accepted N/A
48 20/03/2022 Company Breakfast No $40 Declined N/A
49 24/06/2022 Company Free Training No $850 Declined N/A
50 08/07/2022 Company Webber BBQ No $550 Declined N/A
51 05/10/2022 Company Award Ceremony No $250 Accepted Attended
52 05/10/2022 Company Award Ceremony No $251 Accepted Attended
53 01/05/2024 Company Award Ceremony
(GWMWater an Award Finalist)
No $290 Accepted Attended
54 19/06/2024 Company Conference Tickets No $3180 Accepted Attended


To view previous Gifts and Hospitality Register, click here

For more information read our Gifts Benefits and Hospitality Policy.

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