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The South West Loddon Pipeline Project is now complete. Connecting to the pipeline will secure a reliable water supply for your property. There are many benefits of having a piped supply, from better quality water for bathing and washing to security for firefighting or enterprise opportunities. Read below some case studies about how piped water has benefited landholders in our community.

What to do

Landowners along the South West Loddon Pipeline route can still apply to connect to the pipeline system.

If you're interested in connecting:

  1. Fill out an Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Expression of Interest form and return to us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by post. 
  2. The Land Liaison Team will contact you and talk you through the next steps.

Service area

Rural landholders within the project boundary shown on the map below may be eligible to connect to the pipeline.

View the interactive map

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 View map of South West Loddon water supply area


Pipeline paves the way for growthHancock029

Dubbed the ‘best development for the region since electricity’, the pipeline provides a secure reticulated water supply to 1500 rural properties in areas surrounding Inglewood, Newbridge, St Arnaud and Wedderburn.

Murphy’s Creek farmer Deb Hancock said the pipeline had given their farm a future for their children, Campbell and Georgia.

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Leach034Buying back time

The South West Loddon Pipeline has provided a secure, readily available water supply for  John and Ann Leach who run 5000 sheep with their son John at Rheola, near Bridgewater in  Central Victoria. It has given them given back precious time to focus their attention on other  demands around their Merino Sheep farming enterprise.

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bridgewater015GWMWater and Coliban Water come together to deliver for customers

More than 3000 Coliban Water urban customers will benefit from the completion of the South West Loddon Pipeline.

Coliban Water contributed $2.7 million to the $89.9-million project; led by GWMWater. Approximately 1170 kilometres of pipeline will provide a raw water supply to properties across 2900 square kilometres in both GWMWater and Coliban Water service areas.

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Leach067A real time saver

The South West Loddon Pipeline has been a boon for Des and Frances Lanyon, providing secure reliable supplies of clean water to both house and farm, and reducing the time and labour spent carting water when dams or other supplies run low.

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Your South West Loddon Pipeline information pack


About the project . . .

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Securing the Future of the Region

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Map of South West Loddon Pipeline Project Boundary 


Information for new pipeline customers . . .

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24About GWMWater

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24On-farm Benefits of a Piped Water Supply

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Benefits of Piped Water for Lifestyle Property Owners

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24New Customers South West Loddon Pipeline - Standard Connections

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24New Customers South West Loddon Pipeline - Pipeline Extensions

 Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Information sheet on water allowance scenarios with costs

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Rural Pipeline Products and Charges

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24On-farm Water Reticulation

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Short Pipeline Extensions

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Landholder Statutory Planning Responsibilities

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Trading Rural Pipeline Water Allowances


Our Customer Charter. . .

We're committed to serving our customers and have developed a charter to reflect our ongoing commitment to you and the community:

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Customer Charter - Rural Summary

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Rural Customer Charter - Full Version



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