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The Horsham SmartWater and Integrated Water Management Project is an innovative recycled water project which will support agricultural research activities and provide opportunities to expand recycled water use in the municipality.

The project involves construction of infrastructure that will improve the quality and accessibility of Horsham’s recycled water broadening its sustainable use in agriculture and irrigation of green areas in Horsham.

About the SmartWater Project

The project is jointly funded by the Commonwealth Government’s National Water Grid Authority, Agriculture Victoria and GWMWater.

The project has four components:

  1. Construction of small-scale desalination plant and upgrade of irrigation infrastructure at Agriculture Victoria’s Horsham SmartFarm;
  2. Construction of a Dissolved Air Flotation treatment facility at GWMWater’s Horsham Wastewater Treatment Plant, to improve the quality of the recycled water;
  3. Construction of a recycled water pipeline to connect recycled water to green spaces in Horsham including the racecourse, cemetery and Dudley Cornell park;
  4. Additional stormwater drainage and green-space connections, funded by the Victorian Government’s Integrated Water Management program, Horsham Rural City Council and GWMWater.

Construction work is already underway at the Horsham SmartFarm and all project components are expected to be completed in the second half of 2023.

This project will ensure that the Horsham SmartFarm remains at the cutting edge of international agricultural research and will enable more opportunities for Horsham to use its water sustainably.

Access to recycled water

GWMWater is working closely with Horsham Rural City Council and other potential re-use customers to identify opportunities for recycled water use at green spaces in the municipality, providing both sustainable and cheaper access to fit-for-purpose water.

There is approximately 400ML/year of additional recycled water available for allocation to other users which would be suitable for a variety of uses including pasture, vineyard or food crop irrigation. If you are interested in receiving a recycled water supply, please submit an Expression of Interest form. Visit for more information.

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