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With droughts and unreliable rainfall making water such a valuable resource, it's important to make sure you're using your water supplies as efficiently as possible. These simple tips can help you ensure that you're recognising costly leaks or other water-wasting situations as soon as possible.


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We encourage customers connected to the Wimmera or Northern Mallee piplines to sign up for our Customer Portal, a free online system that allows you to monitor your water use and be alerted about potential leaks or high usage.

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Check your water meter regularly

Ensure that your water meter hasn't been damaged or turned off. We recommend you record your meter readings periodically and monitor your water use. As well as checking for accuracy and working order, it can be useful to have an idea of your water usage habits.


Check the connection from the meter to the tank

Because the pipeline is under high pressure, a large volume of water will be lost if there's a leak in the pipe between the water meter and the tank. A leak will also reduce the amount of water supplied to the tank, and in extreme cases might result in an empty tank. Also check regularly to confirm that there is a flow of water into your tank.


Consider fitting a level gauge on your tank

A level gauge on your tank can help you keep track of your water supply. There are a few ways to do this, such as using a float indicator.


Be smart

  • Don't use your troughs as a reliable indicator of tank water levels. The tank might actually be empty and the trough water is the last of the available supply.
  • When there's no need for a water supply (e.g. when stock isn't in the area), switch off the meter. This way you can avoid the possibility of undetected leaks and water waste.

Don't forget about firefighting needs

  • Make sure you have enough water readily available around your property and home to fight fires.
  • Equip your tanks with a tee piece, a standard CFA fitting and extra valve at the outlet.


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