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Groundwater trading is an essential part of regional agriculture and business. It's our responsibility to facilitate a fair and simple system that everyone can use while also protecting our water supply from excessive consumption.Groundwater can be traded either temporarily or permanently.

A temporary trade is like leasing your groundwater allowance for a fixed amount of time. A permanent trade is essentially selling your groundwater licence.


To trade water, either temporarily or permanently...

1. The seller must have a 'take and use' groundwater licence.


2. Both buyer and seller must adhere to the trading rules for the water supply location:

Murrayville Groundwater Management Area (GMA)

West Wimmera Groundwater Management Area (GMA)

Not sure which area? Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Find out on our map (2.5MB)


3. Sign our licence transfer application form:

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 Permanent or temporary transfer of water for a take and use licence TU3 (358kB)


Further information...

Apply for a 'take and use' groundwater licence

To use groundwater for irrigation or other commercial purposes, you must have a ‘take and use’ licence.


Apply for a groundwater bore

If you're planning to construct or alter a groundwater bore, you need to apply for a licence before you can start works.


Tariffs and charges

Water costs vary depending on a number of factors and can change from year to year.



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