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Interruption to Service - Nhill Ice Pigging

Last updated: 09:00, 13 September 2017


Planned interruption

Reason: Mains cleaning

Starting: 09:00, 24 August 2017
Finishing: 18:00, 21 September 2017

Historically Nhill’s bore water had a high iron content that subsequently built up in some sections of pipe in the reticulation system over many years. In October 2013, when Nhill converted to a drinking water supply of water sourced from the Grampians, GWMWater scoured the water reticulation network to remove the majority of iron from the system. This method worked well, however some hardened iron deposits have persisted and are slowly dissolving. This is causing water to be discoloured water from time to time and this is more prevalent in periods of fluctuating velocity.

GWMWater intend to undertake a water main cleaning program employing a new technology used successfully by other water businesses. This new technique called Ice Scouring or Ice Pigging pushes a high-pressure ice slurry through the pipes to clear iron deposits from inside the pipe walls. Ice pigging is highly effective, will not cause blockages and is environmentally friendly.

Contractors Suez will commence the Ice Pigging process on Thursday 23 August through to Thursday 7 September and flyers with specific information relating to timings and properties affected have been delivered to letterboxs of Customers who might be impacted. 

GWMWater is confident that disruption to customers will be kept to a minimum and that the ice pigging will provide much improved water to Nhill.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact our call centre on 1300 659 961.


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