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Lake Toolondo

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Lake Toolondo is an off-stream reservoir famous for its great trout fishing and is a popular recreational destination in the region.

Supplied by its own small catchment from Mt Talbot Creek, the lake stores a lot of 'dead water'. This means that water in Lake Toolondo doesn't flow through to another source; it can only be pumped out. The lake is reliant on transfers from Rocklands Reservoir.


Be sure to play it safe around water.

Read our information signage before entering the water.

Visit Safe Transport Victoria for a range of resources on water safety:

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Helpful Information

Private caravan park available

Camp fires

  • not permitted

Duck shooting

  • permitted during duck season only


  • must be under control at all times and tied up at night
  • to be kept on a leash in picnic area or when near other visitors
  • bring own bag to remove any faeces deposited by the dog
  • must not enter the water, excluding duck season for the retrieval of ducks

The boating authority for Lake Toolondo is Horsham Rural City Council.

Weather Forecast

Current Temperature
  • Feels like 4.7°C
  • Relative Humidity 72 %
  • Rainfall 0.0mm
  • Wind N at 15 km/h
  • 15° Windy
  • 14°
  • 15°