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Lake Lonsdale

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Lake Lonsdale is a large, shallow reservoir on the Mt William Creek. It fills from its own catchment and is reliant on natural inflows. Although the catchment can be a substantial producer of water during wet years because of its very large area, it isn't reliable during times of drought. Given its relatively shallow depth, the lake also has high evaporation losses over summer months.

Since the introduction of the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline, the lake is no longer used by GWMWater for domestic or stock water supply, however it's still a key source of water for the environment. Lake Lonsdale also has an important role in the community as a recreational lake in the Stawell area, hosting a number of activities on its northern side, such as boating, fishing, swimming, camping and water skiing.

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Helpful Information

  • Boating
    • designated boat ramps must be used
  • Camping 
    • in designated areas only (not in sandbar area)
    • long-term camping (8+ weeks) needs to be approved by the Patrol Officer 
  • Camp fires
    • allowed in properly construted fireplace. Fire pits are available
    • not permitted on Total Fire Ban days or when the wind is strong enough to carry embers
  • Portable generators
    • must be within 10 metres of your own tent and closer to your tent than anyone else’s
    • don't put them in long grass as they can start fires!
  • Duck shooting
    • Shooting of ducks is permitted during duck season, subject to seasonal restrictions
  • Dogs
    • must be under control at all times and tethered at night
  • Vehicles
    • must keep to the obvious tracks
    • not permitted on the beach or sand dunes
    • speed limit 10 km/h within Lake Lonsdale reserve area
    • no unregistered motor vehicles including trail bikes

Future planning

We've developed a plan to improve the reacreational use of Lake Lonsdale.

See what's planned.  Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Lake Lonsdale Management Plan (621kB, 34 pages)

Weather Forecast

Current Temperature
  • Feels like 13.1°C
  • Relative Humidity 93 %
  • Rainfall 0.0mm
  • Wind CAL at 0 km/h
  • 35°
    MIN 12°
  • 39°
    MIN 17°
  • 39°
    MIN 21°