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Blue-green algae detected at Lake Lonsdale is above levels considered safe for recreational use.

Important information:

Our reservoirs and lakes are open to the public for recreational activities including boat ramps and camp grounds. Toilets are open for campers and day visitors as per the Tourism Industry Guidelines for coronavirus (COVID-19).

Physical distancing and outdoor gathering requirements apply at all times – including at the boat ramp and on your boat. Check the permitted recreational activities and facilities before your visit.

People living in the Melbourne metropolitan area or Mitchell Shire can only go in and out of these areas for three reasons: shopping for food and supplies, medical care and caregiving, and study or work – if you can’t do it from home. You may also travel outside these areas in an emergency, or as required by law

Exercise and recreation will not be a reason to travel into or out of metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire.

For more information on boating, visit:


Lake Lonsdale is a large, shallow reservoir on the Mt William Creek. It fills from its own catchment and is reliant on natural inflows. Although the catchment can be a substantial producer of water during wet years because of its very large area, it isn't reliable during times of drought. Given its relatively shallow depth, the lake also has high evaporation losses over summer months.

Since the introduction of the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline, the lake is no longer used by GWMWater for domestic or stock water supply, however it's still a key source of water for the environment. Lake Lonsdale also has an important role in the community as a recreational lake in the Stawell area, hosting a number of activities on its northern side, such as boating, fishing, swimming, camping and water skiing.

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Helpful Information

  • Camping
    • In designated areas only (not in sandbar area)
    • Long-term camping (8+ weeks) needs to be approved by the Patrol Officer
  • Camp fires
  • Portable generators
    • must be within 10 metres of your own tent and closer to your tent than anyone else’s
    • don't put them in long grass as they can start fires!
  •  Boating
    • designated boat ramps must be used
  • Duck shooting
    • Duck hunting has been closed on Lake Lonsdale for the 2020 duck season due to the presence of a large number of threatened Blue-billed Duck
  • Dogs
    • must be under control at all times and tethered at night
  • Vehicles
    • must keep to the obvious tracks
    • not permitted on the beach or sand dunes
    • speed limit 10 km/h within Lake Lonsdale reserve area
    • no unregistered motor vehicles including trail bikes

Future planning

We've developed a plan to improve the recreational use of Lake Lonsdale.

See what's planned.  Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Lake Lonsdale Management Plan (621kB, 34 pages)

Weather Forecast

Current Temperature
  • Feels like 5.8°C
  • Relative Humidity 99 %
  • Rainfall 0.6mm
  • Wind ENE at 7 km/h
  • 12°
  • 13°
  • 15°