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GWMWater is seeking expressions of interest for the purchase and reuse of Class C recycled water from Horsham’s Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Class C water is treated recycled water typically used to irrigate racetracks, golf courses, vineyards, recreational reserves and agricultural irrigation under Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Guidelines. Recycled water is an important resource for GWMWater and the region with approximately 3,100 ML per year currently supplied to a large range of customers.

Customers along the planned SmartWater pipeline route and nearby the Horsham Wastewater Treatment Plant are encouraged to submit proposals for the purchase and reuse of recycled water.The project will improve the quality and accessibility of recycled water to customers in urban and rural areas within the project footprint.

To submit a proposal for the purchase and reuse of recycled water, an expression of interest form must be returned to GWMWater: Expressions of Interest - Purchase and reuse of Class C recycled water. Proposals will be reviewed to determine feasibility and costs of any new infrastructure requirements.   

An information sheet on the project can be found here: Information Sheet - Horsham WWTP Recycled Water EOI

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