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To comply with the requirements of your licence, this information must be submitted each time you divert water.

If you hold a licence to take water from the Avoca River system and have extracted water for irrigation use, you are required to complete a Surface Water Irrigation Report. Completing this report won’t take long.

We also ask that you provide a rough map showing where you have irrigated, including any diversion channels and local landmarks.

Handy tip ...

We welcome you to use tools such as Google Maps to complete this section, and suggest that you save this map first before completing your details.

Complete the Surface Water Irrigation Report below or alternatively, download the PDF and return to GWMWater.

Please complete this form to report on the volume of water taken for irrigation or commercial use during 2022-23 year. You are not required to report volumes of water taken for Domestic and Stock purposes.


The current status of diversion triggers for the Avoca River can be found on our Latest River Diverters Update page.

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