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  • Your water bill is calculated depending on how much water you use and any relevant service charges.

    Household water bills can include costs for:

    • Water consumption
    • Water Availability
    • Sewerage Availability

     Commercial water bills can include costs for:

    • Water consumption
    • Water Availability
    • Sewerage Availability
    • Fire Service Charge 
    • Trade Waste Charge

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  • GWMWater is responsible for maintaining the water meter. We will replace the meter at no cost under normal maintenance conditions. Where there’s no meter, or the meter is inaccessible, we’re responsible up to and including the first stop tap at your property boundary. You’re responsible for the safe custody of the meter and will have to pay for its replacement, should it go missing or is damaged through misuse. You’re also responsible for the pipe beyond the water meter leading into your property.

    If there’s no water meter, or the water meter is not situated at the front of your property, such as with units and townhouses, you’re responsible for the pipe (known as the service line) beyond the stop tap, which is located at the property boundary.

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  • You can use your water meter to check for leaks. Simply note and then compare your water meter reading before and after a period of no water use. More advice about checking for a water leak.


    Customers connected to the Wimmera or Northern Mallee pipeline

    If you're one of our customers connected to the Wimmera or Northern Mallee pipelines, you can also use our Customer Portal, a free online system that allows you to monitor your water and get leak alerts via your smart phone, tablet, laptop or home computer. Read more about Customer Portal.

  • If you’re purchasing a property and going through a solicitor or conveyancer, you don’t need to notify us.

    We require a legal Title to change the ownership of a property. If you have a solicitor or conveyancer, they will send this to us with your details via a Notice of Acquisition after settlement.

    Make sure your mailing address is up to date.

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  • Your water meter has black and red numbers. The black numbers show the reading in kilolitres. The red numbers indicate hundreds, tens of litres and litres respectively.

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Outages and water quality alerts


Minimise outside water use in Ouyen

Reason: Black water in the Murray River

Due to black water in the Murray River, Ouyen's Water Treatment Plant is currently operating at reduced capacity.  We ask our Ouyen residents to minimise outside water use until further notice.

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Berriwillock, Culgoa, Chinkapook, Chilllingollah, Lalbert, Lalbert, Nandaly, Nullawil, Speed, Patchewollock, Tempy, Ultima, Waitchie and Murray River supplied rural pipelines

Black water in the Murray River affecting Piangil, Pental Island and Nyah pump stations

Flooding in September and October has caused organic matter to flow into the Murray River, changing the water to a dark tea colour ('black water'). Customers may see a visual change in their water but can still use it for non-drinking purposes.

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Interruption to Water Supply

Reason: Maintenance works

Starting: 10 am, 17 January 2017
Finishing: 11.30 am, 17 January 2017

The water supply to Minyip Road, Henty Highway and Gardiner Street in Warracknabeal will be interrupted for 1.5 hours on Tuesday 17 January due to maintenance works.

If you have a critical reliance on continued water, such as for dialysis or home occupation call us on 1300 659 961.

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What are our water levels like?

Lake Toolondo

Last year

Lake Toolondo is an off-stream reservoir famous for its great trout fishing and is a popular recreational destination in the region.

Supplied by its own small catchment from Mt Talbot Creek, the lake stores a lot of 'dead water'. This means that water in Lake Toolondo doesn't flow through to another source; it can only be pumped out. The lake is reliant on transfers from Rocklands Reservoir.

Recreational activities permitted
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