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GWM annual report 1213

Media Releases


New interactive regional map

Users of our interactive regional map will notice an improvement with using our new technology. This new system provides newer imagery, improved base maps and a faster download speed.

We trust that you will find our new interactive region map easier to use, however if you have any concerns, please contact us.


Taking and using rural water

Water users (and prospective users) can find out more about their rights and obligations from the Victorian Water Register or by contacting us.

Most water users are responsible and abide by the conditions of their water licence. However, each year a small number of users take water illegally. Some do this deliberately, some inadvertently.  This includes water sourced from a bore, dam, creek, stream, river or irrigation channel.

The Federal government has initiated the Water Compliance Project to help rural water users understand their rights and obligations for taking and using water. This is a nation-wide initiative with projects in each state.


Planned interruption to water supply

We advise that due to water supply maintenance works, it is anticipated that interruptions to water supply will occur to the following locations:


Upcoming town tours

Each year we visit our towns that receive a ‘Regulated’ (untreated) water supply, to talk about the water quality and the services provided to both our rural and urban customers.
Please come and see us when we visit your town:


Blue-green algae warning for Lakes Lonsdale, Toolondo and Taylors

Warning signs have been positioned at all major recreational areas around Lakes Lonsdale, Toolondo and Taylors warning of blue-green algae.

Please avoid direct contact with water in both lakes. People can still boat, sightsee and enjoy other activities at Lakes Lonsdale, Toolondo and Taylorsthat do not involve direct water contact.

The lakes will be regularly monitored.

(Announcement reviewed and current: 17 April 2014) 


Changes to our Rural and Urban Customer Charters

We have updated both our Rural and Urban Customers Charters to reflect our 2013-18 Water Plan.

Here is a summary of the changes made.


Performance Report 2012/13

Essential Services Commission's performance report of urban water and sewerage businesses for 2012/13.


Rural pipeline intelligence project

The Rural Pipeline Intelligence Project involves the roll out of remote meter reading technology to more than 12,700 Wimmera and Northern Mallee Pipeline rural customers during 2014.


Dimboola Weir track closure

For the safety of both contract staff and the general public tracks leading to the weir along the Wimmera River will be closed for the duration of weir repair works.

Due to unforseen delays with the re-construction of this project; members of the public are requested to remain clear of the worksite area until 16 May 2014.

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Our Strategic Directions for 2013-18

The future will be full of challenges and opportunities. We will be proactive and adaptive so that we continue to meet the needs of our customers and respond to any changes in the operating environment.


Water trading, amalgamations and growth water sales

Information on water trading and amalgamations of water allowances and growth water sales.


2013/18 Water Plan approved

Our 2013/18 Water Plan has been approved by the Essential Services Commission.