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While we strive to provide an outstanding customer experience, we recognise that sometimes there may be a need to complain if a service, decision or action fails to meet your expectations.

We deal with all complaints in an objective, unbiased and timely manner.


How to make a complaint

You can make a complaint by filling out this Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 Claim for Compensation Form (140kB, 2 pages) or by contacting us.

Please provide the following details:

  • Your name and contact details.
  • A description of your complaint and any supporting data. Include as much information as possible so that we can consider all of the facts.
  • Proposal for how you'd like the situation resolved.


What happens next?

  • Your complaint is referred to the appropriate manager.
  • The manager will review the complaint and offer a response.
  • We strive to respond and resolve all complaints within ten business days.


If you reject our proposed decision or action:

  • Your complaint remains open.
  • You can seek alternative forms of assistance such as the Energy and Water Ombudsman (EWOV).
  • GWMWater will continue to monitor progress of your complaint until all reasonable internal and external options of recourse are exhausted or the complainant is satisfied.


For further information please refer to our Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Complaint Policy (90kB) or contact us.



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