Duck season closes on Monday, 12 June 2017.

Due to State laws duck shooting is not permitted at Lakes Bellfield, Wartook and Moora Moora.

Shooting of ducks is permitted at: Dock, Pine, Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Taylors (411kB), Toolondo Lakes, Green Lake (near Horsham), Lakes Lonsdale and Fyans and Rocklands Reservoir.

Shooters are asked not to shoot within one kilometre of our structures, housing or other buildings located on GWMWater property.

More about duck season availble on

We're currently seeking your feedback on water services and pricing!

Your feedback will shape the way we deliver our services to you, your business and your community.

It will also help us develop our Water Price Review submission, which will determine our services and prices from 2018 to 2023.

We encourage you to participate to let us know what's important to you.

A 1.5 tonne load limit now applies to Winfields Road bridge that crosses the Toolondo Channel until further notice.

Suggested alternative routes include: Mount Victory Road and Flat Rock Road.

Contact us for your enquiries.

GWMWater is warning the public to avoid direct contact with water in Lake Toolondo after monitoring detected levels of blue-green algae above levels considered safe for recreational use.

More about blue-green algae

GWMWater is pleased to advise that the blue-green algae warning for Taylors Lake has been lifted.

GWMWater is proposing to revoke the existing Murrayville Area Groundwater Management Plan and implement the Murrayville Local Management Plan.

Let us know if you support the proposal by completing the Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Murrayville WSPA submission form (255kB). Submissions received by Tuesday 9 May 2017 will be forwarded to the Minister for Water.

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Fact sheet - Murrayville Groundwater Management (599kB)

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Map - Existing Murrayville WSPA (area to be abolished) (1.14MB)

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Map - New Murrayville Groundwater Management Area (1.46MB)

Rainfall Chart 2017

Our Adobe PDF file icon 24x242017 rainfall calendars (1.5MB) are now available. Get your free copy from our Horsham office or get in touch with us.

We are proud to be a Volunteering Recognition Awards partner for 2017.  The Volunteering Recognition Awards celebrates and promote the role of volunteering.

More about the Volunteering Recognition Awards


GWMWater is encouraging all customers in its region to get involved in a new water efficiency program targeted at regional Victorians.

With spring growth flourishing across the region GWMWater has taken the opportunity to remind property owners to remain vigilant about water infrastructure around their boundaries.