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Groundwater is an essential resource for our community, especially in the western parts of the region. With no regulated water supply system and limited opportunities for catchment runoff, landholders are dependent on good quality, reliable water for stock and domestic use, and even irrigation, in some areas.

Unfortunately some groundwater resources in the region are of a poor quality. The salinity levels mean that the water isn't suitable for human or stock consumption. That's why it's so important that we regulate and monitor our groundwater resources to ensure their health and ongoing viability.

At GWMWater, we're responsible for:

  • groundwater resource management
  • issuing 'take and use' groundwater licences for irrigation and other commercial purposes
  • supporting key environmental management strategies
  • regulating ground water diversions according to the Water Act 1989.


Have your say ...

The Draft Wimmera Catchment Local Management Plan details existing regulations for the groundwater and surface water area. We welcome comments on any aspect of the draft document.


What to do

Step 1

Provide your feedback in writing using the feedback form:

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 Wimmera Catchment Local Management Plan - draft document (5.9MB, 48 pages)

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 Wimmera Catchment Local Management Plan - feedback form (312kB, 2 pages)


Step 2

Return your feedback form by mail to:

Attention: Scott Smith
PO Box 481, Horsham 3402

or by email to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Attention: Scott Smith


Step 3

Make sure we receive your feedback form by 5 pm on Friday 17 November 2017.


Copies of the draft plan and feedback form are also available by visiting our Corporate Office at 11 McLachlan Street in Horsham.



Groundwater management areas

There are two declared groundwater management areas in our region. Each is managed according to the local groundwater management area plan.


Avoca Local Management Plan (LMP)

The Avoca LMP covers all groundwater and surface water licences in the Avoca River Catchment.

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 Avoca Local Management Plan (1.3 MB, 32 pages)


Murrayville Groundwater Management Area (GMA)

The Murrayville GMA is centred on the town of Murrayville and is near Victorian/South Australian border.

Murrayville Groundwater Management Area


West Wimmera Groundwater Management Area (GMA)

The West Wimmera GMA spreads west of the Wimmera River to the South Australian border, and north to the Big Desert.

West Wimmera GMA


Any groundwater trading outside of these specific areas is considered a new licence assessment and requires an application for a groundwater licence.


Groundwater licences

Apply for a groundwater bore

If you're planning to construct or alter a groundwater bore, you need to apply for a licence before you can start works.

Apply for a groundwater bore


Apply for a 'take and use' groundwater licence

To use groundwater for irrigation or other commercial purposes, you must have a ‘take and use’ licence.

Apply for a 'take and use' groundwater licence


Groundwater monitoring

We monitor groundwater across our region in partnership with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).

  • The DELWP records information on all registered groundwater bores (including bore construction details, groundwater level and water quality.
  • Specific bores are monitored monthly or quarterly throughout our region collecting data on groundwater levels.
  • This information is then uploaded to DELWP's Water Management Information System.

For more information on groundwater monitoring, get in touch and ask for our Water Resources Division.


Further information about groundwater...


Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning - Groundwater

Groundwater is an important part of Victoria's water supply, comprising approximately 15 per cent of the state's total water use.


Federation University - Visualising Victoria's Groundwater

An online map that combines groundwater data from various sources to assist researchers and water managers make decisions for the sustainable use of precious groundwater resources.


Bureau of Meteorology - Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems Atlas

The National Atlas of Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems presents the current knowledge of groundwater dependent ecosystems across Australia.



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