Picture: Lake Fyans

It is the role of the Storage Manager to allocate available water to the various entitlement holders according to set rules and also accounting for any water used from the system. The Storage Manager operates the system and aims to deliver water in the most efficient and timely way possible, amongst other objectives.

The Storage Manager implemented a revised reserve rule in August 2022. The reserve rule which applies from 5 August 2022 is temporarily defined within an Addendum, which replaces Appendix 2 of the Storage Management Rules from that date. The Storage Management Rules document will be updated in the near future.


Download the Storage Management Rules here:

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Storage Management Rules for the Wimmera-Mallee System Headworks (updated August 2016).pdf


Download the Addendum to the Storage Management Rules (Appendix 2) here:

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 Addendum to Storage Management Rules - Appendix 2 - Reserve Rule


Download a summary of the Storage Manager Objectives here:

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24Storage Manager Objectives