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Blue green algae at Lake Wallace

Last updated: 4 pm, 25 October 2019


Blue green algae warning

Reason: Blue green algae

Starting: 25 October 2019

We are warning the public to avoid direct contact with water in Lake Wallace in Edenhope after monitoring detected levels of blue green algae above levels considered safe for recreational use.

People can still boat, sightsee and enjoy other activities at the lake that do not involve direct water contact.

We recommend:
• Avoid all contact with affected water.
• People who come into contact with the affected water should wash affected skin immediately in clean water.
• Do not use affected water for cooking, drinking, washing or showering. Boiling the affected water will not make it safe to use.

Anglers wanting more information please visit -

Blue-green algae facts:
• Blue-green algae occurs naturally and can be dangerous to humans and animals. Characteristic signs of algae contact are skin rashes or itchiness, sore eyes, ears and nose; or if swallowed, nausea or vomiting.
• It is not possible to predict how long the algae will remain at high levels within the lake.

See our Blue Green Algae Co-ordination Plan 

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