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Blue Green Algae – Amber Alert - Piangil Pump Station – Rural customers in surrounding area including Manangatang township

Last updated: 4 pm, 29 January 2020

Piangil Pump Station

Blue green algae warning

Reason: Blue Green Algae - Amber Alert

Starting: 2.30 pm, 17 January 2020


*** Pumps to remain on – no change to supply***

Laboratory testing of water samples indicate elevated Blue Green Algae levels at the Piangil Pump Station, which pumps from the Murray River.

Water delivered by the Piangil Pump Station is presently below the limit recommended for recreational use.

Manangatang Township Customers
This Amber Alert does not affect Manangatang’s water quality and customers may continue to use Manangatang’s water for drinking, food preparation, ice making and other human consumptive purposes.

We ask Manangatang customers to minimise water use outside the home until further notice. This also applies to outside watering at the school, hospital and recreation reserves where mains water is used.

Rural Customers
Rural stock and domestic customers will continue to be supplied from the Piangil Pump Station. Rural customers must ensure they have sufficient on-farm storage capacity to maintain three days’ water supply.

Customers are reminded that your rural water supply is not safe for drinking. However, you can use this water for household activities, such as watering gardens, flushing toilets, showering/bathing, irrigation and laundry.

For information on stock related issues you can visit or contact Agriculture Victoria on 13 61 86 or visit for further advice.

We are continuing to monitor this situation and have activated our Blue Green Algae Management Plan.

For information on our three step scale to alert customers of Blue Green Algae levels please visit our website

We will provide further updates on our website and our Facebook page.

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