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Blue Green Algae declines – Rural customers serviced by Wimmera Mallee Supply System 5 with water sourced from Pental Island Pump Station

Last updated: 2 pm, 3 January 2020

Pental Island Pump Station area

Blue green algae warning

Reason: Blue Green Algae decline in Murray River near Pental Island Pump Station

Starting: 3 January 2020


Further laboratory testing of water samples show a reduction in Blue Green Algae levels at the Pental Island Pump Station on the Murray River.

Rural customers may resume normal on-farm practices for domestic and stock purposes. This includes ensuring that water tanks are full and properties continue to have three days on-farm storage in case of future Blue Green Algae alerts being issued. We remind customers that rural pipeline stock and domestic water supplies are not fit for human consumption.

We will continue to monitor the Pental Island Pump Station offtake at the Murray River over the coming months as there is fluctuation in Blue Green Algae levels. There may be a possibility of further alerts being issued and we will advise customers through our website, social media and SMS messaging.

For information on our 3-step scale to alert customers of Blue Green Algae levels please visit our website at

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