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Rec lake & reservoir algae warnings

Check rec lake & reservoir algae warnings

A new facility at Kaniva will enable future growth in the industrial estate and pave the way for economic growth.GWMWater has appointed Envirotech Water Solutions to design and construct a facility within the estate, which will increase pressures and flowrates. The facility will house a pump station, chlorinator and tanks.

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Due to start construction in September, the infrastructure will result in improved water pressure within the industrial estate; providing sufficient fire flows to meet building code requirements for most business types.

GWMWater Managing Director Mark Williams said West Wimmera Shire Council had flagged with the water business that fire flow requirements were a barrier to businesses looking to establish themselves in the town.

“Increasing pressures and flowrates in the reticulation network will assist businesses looking to establish themselves in the industrial estate by reducing the infrastructure they need to install themselves to meet the fire protection requirements of the Building code,” he said.

The facility also represents the first stage of the drinking water upgrade in Kaniva.

Tenders for the upgrade of the Dimboola Water Treatment Plant, which will supply the water, have closed and a contractor is expected to be appointed by the end of the month.

GWMWater has deferred the construction of the pipeline between Nhill and Kaniva by about three months to enable planning and statutory processes to occur.

The Kaniva Drinking Water Upgrade Project is part of GWMWater’s 2018-2023 Water Plan, along with treated water upgrade projects at Ultima, Moyston and Elmhurst.

The upgraded supply will likely extend the life of appliances such as hot water heaters and washing machines and means local hospitality businesses will no longer have to rely on packaged water to meet their food safety obligations.

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