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Rec lake & reservoir algae warnings

Check rec lake & reservoir algae warnings

Lake Fyans is set to receive an upgrade over the warmer months as GWMWater carry out works on the embankment and marina.

Water levels in the reservoir have been slightly lowered to enable completion of the embankment upgrade, which is essential to preserve the integrity of the dam wall and ensure it meets dam safety standards.

In the early stages of the works, GWMWater will also desilt and deepen the marina to provide access for larger boats while the project is underway and into the future.

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Managing Director Mark Williams said, “We recognise the value and importance of our region’s lakes and weir pools due to the environmental and recreational benefits for local communities and visitors to our region,” he said.

“This project is an investment in water supply infrastructure, as well as an integral recreational lake for community, tourists and local sporting clubs.”

In preparation for the project, the Storage Manager completed a water transfer from Lake Fyans to Taylors Lake in mid-September, which resulted in a reduced water level by about 30 centimetres. The lake levels will also naturally decline, as they do during summer.

Mr Williams said despite the reduction, water levels will be maintained to ensure recreation activities can continue over summer.

“The project will be completed between January and April, when water levels at Lake Fyans are naturally lower,” he said. “Earth works require the bank to be dry, so the work needs to occur when there is minimal rain forecast.”

Lake Fyans’ main user groups and stakeholders will be kept informed as the project progresses. Water level information is updated weekly and can be monitored on the GWMWater or Storage Manager website.

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