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Rec lake & reservoir algae warnings

Check rec lake & reservoir algae warnings

Water and wastewater customers across the Grampians, Wimmera and Mallee have an opportunity to shape GWMWater’s goals and pricing this week.

GWMWater will host a virtual Customer and Stakeholder Workshop between 9am and 12.30pm on Friday 8 October 2021.

Customers, partners and stakeholders are invited to share information, gather insights and ensure both performance and decision-making are consistent with expectations.

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Manager Communications and Engagement Adele Rohde said the October workshop was an important step in engaging with customers and stakeholders in the lead-up to GWMWater’s next Pricing Submission to the Essential Services Commission (ESC).

The ESC requires Victorian water corporations to submit a price review which determines the maximum prices they can charge for water and service charges. The approved prices reflect the efficient costs water businesses need to recover to provide valued services to customers.

“We are committed to understanding and engaging with our customers and stakeholders in order to meet their expectations,” Mrs Rohde said. “While engagement is a normal part of our practice, the price review is a particularly good opportunity for our stakeholders to influence our decision-making.”

Topics on the agenda for the virtual workshop include a water resources update and outlook; engagement on GWMWater’s performance against key outcomes; a presentation on a clean water pilot project on the Northern Mallee Pipeline; an interactive session on customer value as well as consultation regarding the existing Recreation Contribution Charge and subsequent discounts.

Prior to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the workshops were always hosted in-person. GWMWater has changed the way it delivers the workshops in line with public health measures.

“We hosted a virtual workshop in 2020 and a hybrid in-person and virtual workshop in May,” Mrs Rohde said. “Our preference is to hold the workshop in person, but holding it virtually also has its benefits as it provides an opportunity for us to engage with a larger customer base because it removes the geographic barrier for people.

“Each time we host virtually we learn something new and so keep working to improve the experience for participants.”

More information, including an agenda and registration details, is available at,

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