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Rec lake & reservoir algae warnings

Check rec lake & reservoir algae warnings

Keen fishers will be able to wet a line in Edenhope this weekend after GWMWater re-opened Lake Wallace following recent water quality tests.

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 GWMWater closed Lake Wallace in March as a precaution but was unable to determine an exact cause for skin irritations experienced by a small number of people who had contact with the lake.

Managing Director Mark Williams said as the amount of water in Lake Wallace had increased following recent rainfall, sampling indicated water quality had improved.

“The July samples suggest that any potential water issues that may have been present in March are now considered low risk due to the overall improvement of water quality,” he said.

“The latest laboratory results indicate algal levels are within acceptable levels however, as with any water body, there are still a range of organisms present. It is still possible some people may experience skin irritations due to the low water levels and presence of natural organisms in freshwater lakes.”

Signs surrounding the lake will be removed today.

GWMWater will continue regular monitoring of the lake and keep the community informed of any future changes to water quality.

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