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Customer Portal is a free online system that allows you to monitor your water use using your smart phone, tablet, laptop or home computer. It's available to our customers connected to the Wimmera Mallee or Northern Mallee pipelines.

Water usage data is collected by a remote electronic device installed on your water meter.

This data allows you to:

  • monitor your water use anytime
  • monitor your water allowance and receive alerts if you're going to exceed it
  • be alerted to potential water leaks or high use (via SMS or email)
  • create your own alerts, for example, for low water consumption where stock are grazing.

It's fast, free and secure to sign up.

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How Customer Portal detects potential leaks

Customer Portal monitors the water through your meter over 48 hour periods.

Because, typically, you don't use water all day every day, Customer Portal expects the flow to stop going through the meter at some point during each 48 hour period. If it doesn't and the flow is continuous, an alert maybe triggered. This doesn't mean that you definitely have a leak, rather that a pattern similar to that of a leak has been detected.

If you get a potential leak alert:

  • Review your usage over the previous 48 hours - you may have used the water legitimately and may not have a leak at all.
  • If you can, isolate sections of your reticulation and observe your meter on Customer Portal to see if you can pinpoint the section with the leak.
  • Check tanks and above ground pipe fittings that may be leaking.
  • Inspect your on-farm pipe routes and look for wet soil or green patches.
  • If you find and repair a leak, keep checking Customer Portal to make sure it's fixed. It’s possible that you may also have more than one leak!



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