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The Essential Services Commission (ESC) overseas the regulation of water prices and standards for water and wastewater services provided by water businesses across Victoria.

ESC is currently reviewing services and pricing for the regulatory period from 1 July 2018.

As part of the process, ESC has invited 17 Victorian water organisations - including GWMWater - to submit proposals relating to the services they offer to their customers and the prices charged.

Submissions are due by 29 September 2017.


Priority issues

We've identified a number of priority issues for consideration in our submission, including:

  • Discounts to sporting clubs and recreation lakes funded by the recreation contribution charge.
  • Rural pipeline service standards and the Rural Pipeline Tariff.
  • The outlook for future sales of growth water as a result of water savings created by the Wimmera Mallee pipeline.
  • Possible water quality upgrades to towns that don't receive a drinking water supply.
  • New town sewer schemes or infill schemes.
  • Energy efficiency or renewable energy projects that will reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Extension of the Rural Pipeline Intelligence Project (remote reading of meters) to urban centres.
  • The servicing of new developments with a particular emphasis on fire services.
  • A review of how environmental water prices are determined.


Have your say

We're currently inviting feedback relating to the above issues to help develop our submission. See Have your say on water services and pricing.


More information

For more information about the review, see ESC's Water Pricing Framework and approach.

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