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Construction of Stage 1 of the 1,300 km of stock and domestic pipeline in the south west of the Loddon Shire started on 5 July 2016.

The pipeline will provide a secure water supply to:

  • approximately 260 rural farming enterprises
  • approximately 370 lifestyle properties
  • over an area of 1,670 km2

These properties currently rely on local rainfall and catchment dams for their homes and farms.


Service area

Rural landholders within the project boundary shown on the map below maybe eligible to connect to the pipeline.

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 View map of South West Loddon water supply area (2.34MB)

Landholders outside of the area are still encouraged to submit an Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 Expression of Interest form (1.12MB) to assist with future planning.


Current Stage 1 status

Main trunk completion On track for April 2017


The first stage of the project involving extensions to the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline near Wychitella, Yeungroon and Korong Vale through 40 km of up to 300 mm diameter pipes and related pumps, fire tanks and storages is underway. The completion of the trunk main is expected by April 2017.

Planning is taking place at the moment for the remaining phases of the project and trunk main construction is anticipated to start in 2017.

The remaining construction of the smaller distribution lines to service individual landholders will start once the trunk mains are complete and sufficient landholder commitment is received to confirm the design of the distribution lines.


Benefits to the community

A secure water supply to the south west Loddon area will deliver many benefits to the community. It will:

  • support activity and employment in the farming and intensive livestock sectors of this region
  • reduce the current reliance on water carting
  • sustain the agricultural sector that underpins the viability of this region
  • provide social benefits for recreational purposes at Skinners Flat Reservoir
  • enhance fire-fighting capacity in the region, and
  • result in less dependence on farm storages that currently intercept water that could otherwise provide an environmental benefit to regional rivers and wetlands.

The scheme will also improve overall management of water resources by interconnecting the Wimmera-Glenelg system in the West with the larger Goulburn system in north central Victoria.

Read some case studies about how connecting to rural piped water has benefited landholders in our community.


Connect to the pipeline

Landholders within the project boundary are encouraged to lodge an Expression of Interest to connect to the pipeline.

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24 Download the Expression of Interest form (1.12MB).

More information about connecting to the South West Loddon pipeline


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