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Rocklands Reservoir

Updated as of 4:46 PM 23 July 2014

Rocklands Reservoir is the largest reservoir within GWMWater’s water supply system and is located on the Glenelg River. Originally constructed to supply the Wimmera-Mallee Domestic and Stock channel system, water held by Rocklands Reservoir is now used for many different purposes. A unique feature of Rocklands Reservoir is that all entitlement holders, including the environment, are able to be supplied with water from the reservoir.

General Information

Water based recreation activities are popular.
This reservoir has six special location bouys installed adjacent to each of the six main camp grounds. These assist lake users locate their position on the lake.
Toilet facilities are available. Dogs are not permitted.

Recreational Activities

Swimming, water skiing and jet skiing is permitted at Rocklands Reservoir.
Camping is permitted in designated camping areas only. 
Shooting of ducks during duck season is permitted.
A caravan park is also located at the reservoir.

Current Operating Status

Current Level 189.992 m AHD
Current Volume 91,237 ML
Percent Full 35%
Current Inflows 1,835 ML/week
24 hour Rainfall 0 mm Cummulative Inflows Graph
Current Releases 80 ML/day
Current Spills 0 ML/day
Current Airspace 170,273 ML


  • Levels have risen since last report.
  • Inflows to the reservoir have increased since last report.
  • The reservoir is not currently spilling.


Full Supply Level 195.47 m AHD
Full Supply Volume 348,300 ML
Maximum Operating Level (MOL) 194.10 m AHD
Maximum Operating Volume 261,510 ML
Spillway Length 154.53 m
Spillway Capacity 66,000 ML/day
Outlet Capacity 600 ML/day
Catchment Area 1,355 km2
Surface Area When Full 6,750 km2
Major Tributary Glenelg River
Average Annual Inflow 83,000 ML/year
Maximum Depth 17 m
Year Constructed 1953
AHD = Australian Height Datum, expressed in metres above mean sea level
ML = Megalitres