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Annual Water Outlook

Our Annual Water Outlook for 2016/17 is available for your information.

GWMWater Annual Water Outlook 2016/17


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We are encouraging customers in our region to get involved in a new water efficiency program!

Target Your Water Use is a voluntary water efficiency program to assist and encourage regional Victorians to use their water wisely.

The program applies to residential and business urban water customers in regional Victoria.

Using water responsibly is everyone’s opportunity to help secure water supplies and create greener and more liveable communities for now and into the future.


Keep an eye out for pipeline infrastructure

With spring growth flourishing across the region we take the opportunity to remind property owners to remain vigilant about water infrastructure around their boundaries.

High growth along rural fence lines is obscuring air valves and pipeline pots which are an integral part of the pipeline system. Farmers risk damaging pipeline assets as well as their farm equipment when ripping, slashing or spraying near our infrastructure. To help identify where our assets are located, we encourage landholders to use our interactive regional map.

We also take this opportunity to remind landholders that reimbursement of costs may be sought for damage to our infrastructure.

Landholders who have any queries can contact us on 1300 659 961.


Your comments are sought on the Draft Avoca Area Local Management Plan

We are seeking your comments on any aspect of the draft Avoca Area Local Management Plan.

The draft plan details all proposed regulations for the groundwater and surface water area.

Submissions are to be received in writing by 5 pm on Friday 13 January 2017.


Do you wish to trade groundwater or surface water?
WaterMatch can assist!

WaterMatch is a free online service, designed to help people trade groundwater and surface water. It allows you to register your interest via an online forum to either buy and sell water in your area. Please note that WaterMatch does not cater for rural pipeline customers wishing to trade water.


Ouyen Water Supply

Reviewed: Wednesday 30 November 2016

We ask our Ouyen residents to minimise outside water use until further notice.

Due to the black water in the Murray River, the Ouyen Water Treatment Plant is working hard to provide good quality water to the township. This will reduce the amount of water that the plant can treat per minute.


Could you be our Independent External Committee Member for our Water Resources Committee?

We are looking for an independent external committee member to join our Water Resources Committee for an initial two year term.


Murray River Black Water Update

Reviewed: Thursday 24 November 2016

As a result of flooding in September and October 2016 large amounts of organic matter, such as leaves and wood, have been moved from swamps, forest and wetlands situated along waterways. Return flows from these areas are bringing dissolving organic matter into the Murray River, changing the water to a dark tea colour ('black water').

Water Quality in the Murray is improving and indications are that it may pass in a few weeks. Water quality laboratory results taken from our river pump stations indicate that the worst of the black water has moved past most of our pump stations.

We are continuing to monitor and improve water quality where possible and we remind customers that they can continue to use their water for non-drinking purposes.

More information on each area is detailed below.


Read about the latest news at GWMWater Tapping In Customer Newsletter #2 - 2016/17


West Wimmera GMA - Annual Report 2015/16

The West Wimmera Groundwater Management Area - Annual Report 2015/16 is now available for your information.

If you would like further information, please contact us on 1300 659 961 during business hours.


Murrayville WSPA Annual Report 2015/16

The Murrayville Water Supply Protection Area Annual Report 2015/16 is now available for your information.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of this report, please contact us on 1300 659 961 during business hours.


Taking and using rural water


Expression of Interest to connect to the South West Loddon Pipeline Project

The construction of Stage 1 of the 1,300 km of stock and domestic pipeline in the south west of the Loddon Shire commenced on 5 July 2016. The $80.6 million project will provide a secure water supply to more than 630 rural properties currently relying on local rainfall and catchment dams for their farms.


Accessing water for domestic and stock purposes

Many people rely on their own water supplies for domestic and stock purposes. If your water supply runs short and you need assistance in finding an alternative water source, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your options with you.

Fact sheet - Accessing water when your domestic and stock supply dries up


GWMWater schedule of tariffs and charges


Planned interruption to water supply


Water sharing arrangements reviewed


Are you a tenant?

If you are a tenant moving into or out of a property (either residential or business) please click here to change your address.


Keep wipes out of sewer pipes

Putting the wrong things down the toilet, sink or drain can cause damage to your sewer system and your property, leading to costly repairs and harm to the environment.