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A water-efficient shower head is a great way to start saving water in your home. That's why GWMWater, together with the Victorian Government, is giving urban customers the opportunity to install a three star shower head in an exchange program for an old inefficient water wasting shower head - for free!

Did you know that a three star water saving shower head can save ten litres of water per minute, compared to an old inefficient shower head?


Getting your free shower head is simple:

  1. Bring your old shower head into our Birchip or Horsham offices
  2. Walk away with a brand new water-efficient shower head that will save you water and money

Please note that water saving shower heads aren't suitable for gravity fed hot water services.


Further information...

Saving water in the house

Saving water at home is much easier than you might think! The key to saving water is to think about what small, simple changes you can make in your daily life to use less water.





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